The Restaurant

The Restaurant

Our restaurant aims at offering local traditional cuisine and effective services in a cosy setting.  

Stop by our dining room to discover our classic wooden furniture decorated with floral motifs reminiscent of the Austrian style.

Hôtel-Restaurant Gérardmer

Our Menu

Try the culinary specialities of the Vosges area, including our home-made rillettes, trout with mirabelle plums and sirloin steak with Munster cheese. Our menu also includes several other dishes prepared by the house’s Chef, Stéphanie, who’s been at the head of our restaurant for the past 12 years. 

Hôtel-Restaurant Gérardmer

Our Menus

Cooking is an art that requires patience! Prix en €
Our Fondues ( 2 people minimum )  
Home-made Cheese Fondue  (Cold meats and green salad ) 18.50/pers
Fondue bourguignonne (chips, salad, sauces) 19.50/pers
For one person  
Warm Munster and Tomme Vosgiennne ( Cold meats, potatoes ) 18.50/pers
Upon reservation  
Home-made Meat Fondue > (chips, green salad, sauce  ) 1,50/pers
Raclette ( Cold meats, potatoes, crudités ) 19,50/pers
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges

Our Vosges Specialities

- Munster cheese toast
Potatoes, diced bacon and crudités
15,50 €
Camembert toast
Potatoes, diced bacon and crudités
15,50 €
Vosges platter
Grilled streaky bacon, Lorraine sausage, Munster-gratinated andouille, green salad, chips
16,80 €
Braised pork knuckle with Munster cheese sauce 
 16,00 €
Home-made Chique  (fromage blanc with herbs)
Smoked loin, potato fritters, green salad
15,50 €
Steak, chips, salad 13,50 €
Home-made sauerkraut
Smoked loin, streaky bacon, viennoiserie and andouille du Val d'Ajol
19.50 € /pers
Breaded and stuffed boneless pig trotter (depending on availability)
Sauteed potatoes and salad
16.80 €
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges

Our dishes are prepared using local products

Our Burgers

Beef hamburger, chips
bread, steak, salad, tomato, onions, Tomme Vosgienne
15.80 €
Munster cheese Vosges burger
Potato fritters, steak, munster cheese, streaky bacon and green salad
15,80 €
Chicken hamburger, chips
Bread, nuggets, salad, tomato, onions
15.80 €
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges

Our Menus Daily Special

Meal of the Day
Meat served with the menu of the day
8,80 €
1 glass of orange juice or 1 syrup
Breaded fish or Minced beef or Ham or Knack or Nuggets
Chips or pasta
Ice cream or sugar-dusted crepe


7,80 €
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Tradition - 19,80 €
Country style pâtés
Tuna and Tomato Salad
Steak and chips
Meunière Trout
Poached fish filet
Cheese or Dessert
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Vosgien - 29,20
Vosgian salad
Chef's salad
Home-made pork rillette
Sirloin with Munster cheese
Trout with mirabelle plums
Home-made braised tripe
Cheese or Dessert
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Terroir - 29,20
Home-made rabbit terrine
Terroir salad
Andouille du Val D’Ajol
Vosges apples
Ham and Munster-gratinated potatoes
Two cheeses munster, Tome vosgienne
Ice cream

Our starters

Mixed vegetable platter 7,80 €
Chef's salad
Salad, ham, tomato, gruyere, corn
Salat, shinken, tomates, emmentaler
Cold meats platter
10,20 €
Home-made rilletes
Hausgemachte fleischpastete
8,20 €
Home-made rabbit terrine
Hausgemachte hasenpastete
9,20 €
Cured ham and vegetables
Roher shinken mit salateller
10,80 €
Vosgian salad
Salad, croutons, bacon, fried egg
Grüner salat, brotstüke, speck, eier
9,80 €
Warm goat cheese salad
Ziegenkäse mit salat
10,80 €
Home-made marinated salmon and toasts
Lachs mit salat
9,80 €
Plate of "P'tit Boulas
Block of foie gras, cured ham, hot grits, marinated salmon
Fette leber, roher schinken, lachs
16,20 €
Scallop salad with raspberry vinegar
Salade mit jackobsmuscheln
16,80 €
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges

Warm Starters

Soup of the day
4,80 €
Omelette of your choice...with salad and Chips
Ham or Gruyere or mushrooms or herbs
8,80 €
Scallops with spring onions and rice
Jackobsmuschelin mit sahne
18.50 €
Parsley snail cassolette
Schecken mit persilie
10,20 €

Fish-Based Dishes

Served with vegetables or chips

Meunière trout 12,80 €
Trout with almonds 13,80 €
Trout with mirabelle plums 14,80 €
Sole fillet with chanterelles 16,80 €
Fisherman's sauerkraut  16,80 €
Poached sea bream fillet with melted butter 14,58 €
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges

Any change of dishes will be charged as a supplement.

Meat-Based Dishes

Served with vegetables or chips

Pan-fried entrecote 17.50 €
Entrecote with Munster cheese 18,80 €
Entrecote with pepper 18,80 €
Turkey fricassee with pineapple  16,00 €
Turkey escalope with mushrooms 15,20 €
Lamb chop with thyme 15,20 €
Veal kidney - pasta 18,20 €
Carbonara pasta 16,20 €
Home-made tripes with steamed potatoes 9,50 €
Tripes « maison » et ses pommes vapeur 14,80 €
Steak tartare – chips 16,80 €
Cheese platter 6,80 €
Our Desserts
Please order your dessert at the start of the meal; otherwise 15 minutes waiting time
7,80 €
Chocolate crepe
vanilla ice cream
Flambéed apple on ice cream
Gingerbread ice cream
Caramelised pineapple delights
Nougat and rum-raisin ice cream
Raspberry or blueberry crumblelles
Vanilla ice cream
Mirabelle plum crumbles
Mirabelle ice cream
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges

Our Desserts

Home-made tart of the day 4,50 €
Home-made caramel cream 4,80 €
Home-made chocolate mousse 4,80 €
Fresh home-made fruit salad 5,50 €
Chocolate fondant on custard 6,80 €
Floating Islands 5,20 €
Bergamot-flavoured crème brulée 5,80 €
Ice cream or sorbet (3 scoops) 5,80 €
Freshly baked home-made chocolate profiteroles  8,20 €
“P'tit Boulas” ice cream cup
Nougat and raspberry ice cream, home-made wine-poached pear, whipped cream
8,00 €
Vosges cup
Blueberry sorbet (home-made), mirabelle ice cream, mirabelle alcohol, blueberries, whipped cream
8,00 €
Flambéed mirabelle plums on mirabelle ice cream 8,20 €
Lorraine cup
Mirabelle ice cream and Mirabelle brandy
8,20 €
Hot and cold blueberry ice-cream
Glace Vanille, myrtilles chaudes, crème fouettée
8,20 €
And to wrap up a lovely meal  
 Sweet coffee or sweet tea
Expresso or tea served with a small crème brûlée and other treats.
7,50 €

Our Beverages

Draught beer Blond Pelforth 25 cl €2.80
Draught beer Blond Pelforth 50 cl €4.80
Blond Leffe 33 cl  €4.50
Heineken 25 cl  €3.00
Local beer 33 cl
Wheat, brown , pale ale, blond
Chimay Bleu 33 cl €4.80
Desperados 33 cl  €4.00
Soft drinks, fruit juices, water  
Coca Cola 33 cl  €3.00
Coca Cola zero 33 cl  €3.00
Orangina 25 cl €3.00
Fruit juice 25 cl
Apple, orange, grape, pineapple, tomato and strawberry
Cider 33 cl    
Mineral water Lisbeth 50 cl   €2.80
Still, sparkling, carbonated - Lisbeth Mineral Water 100 cl  
Still, sparkling, carbonated
San Pelegrino Water 50 cl €3.50
San Pelegrino Water 100 cl  €4.50
Hôtel-Restaurant Vosges